01/02/20- James Lionel Medley, age 35 of Mechanicsville- CDS: Possession- Not Marijuana by Dep. Edelen# 330.  CASE# 341-20

James Lionel Medley

01/03/20- Steven Rene Tharpe Jr., age 29 of Lexington Park- Failure to Appear/Theft by DFC. M. Beyer# 319.  CASE# 458-20

Steven Rene Tharpe Jr.

01/03/20- Divante Quintil Kyler, age 28 of no fixed address- Violation of Probation by Dep. Hersh# 343.  CASE# 542-10

Divante Quintil Kyler

01/03/20- Zachary Alan Kiger, age 30 of Lexington Park- Escape 2nd Degree-Condition of Release by Dep. Burgess# 355.  CASE# 461-20

Zachary Alan Kiger

01/03/20- Carla Rachelle Dyson, age 31 of Lexington Park- Failure to Appear/Assault 1st and 2nd Degree, and Conspiracy to Commit Theft by Dep. Hersh# 343.  CASE# 33268-19

Carla Rachelle Dyson

01/03/20- Ricky Ray Adkins, age 60 of no fixed address- Trespass: Private Property by Cpl. Beishline#252.  CASE# 516-20

Ricky Ray Adkins

01/04/20- Brianna Nicole Carr, age 25 of Mechanicsville- Violate Pre-Trial Conditions by Dep. Fenwick# 338.  CASE# 0078-20

Brianna Nicole Carr

01/05/20- Neil Alexander Stewart, age 35 of Washington D.C.- four counts of CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana and CDS: Possession- Paraphernalia by Dep. Raley# 345.  CASE# 72001-15

Neil Alexander Stewart

01/05/20- Patrick Darnell Day, age 58 of Lexington Park- CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Cpl. Connelly# 151.  CASE# 850-20

Patrick Darnell Day

01/06/20- Gilbert NMN Estevez, age 30 of Leonardtown- Rape 2nd  Degree by Dep. Edelen# 330.  CASE# 1056-20

Gilbert NMN Estevez

01/06/20- Vashti Elizabeth Lewis, age 27 of Severn- Assault 2nd Degree by DFC. Payne# 320.  CASE# 1063-20

Vashti Elizabeth Lewis

01/06/20- Richard Wayne Summers, age 51 of Lexington Park- Possess/Issue Forged Currency and Theft by Dep. Graves# 354.  CASE# 1001-20

Richard Wayne Summers

01/07/20- Marshall Edmond Lewis, age 36 of no fixed address- Assault 2nd Degree and Violate Protective Order by Dep. Baker# 349.  CASE# 1116-20

Marshall Edmond Lewis

01/07/20- Heidi Lynn Ray, age 35 of North Carolina- Burglary 1st and 4th Degree by Dep. Edelen# 330.  CASE# 33918-02

Heidi Lynn Ray