Warrant Arrests:

10/21/21- Anthony Delonte Young, age 28 of Great Mills- Violation of Probation by DFC. Beyer# 319.

Anthony Delonte Young

10/22/21- Destiny Marie Ayres, age 20 of no fixed address- Burglary 4th Degree, CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana and Trespass: Private Property by Dep. Salas# 358.

Destiny Marie Ayres

10/22/21- Brandon Lee Wade, age 38 of Waldorf- Theft by Dep. Wilson# 370.

Brandon Lee Wade

10/23//21- Jennifer Gail Labanowski, age 37 of La Plata- Escape 2nd Degree by Dep. Jerew# 372.

Jennifer Gail Labanowski

10/23/21- John Michael Wood, age 34 of no fixed address- Violate Protective Order by Dep. Budd# 325.

John Michael Wood

10/23/21- James Thomas Lanzi, age 30 of Lexington Park- Failure to Appear/Driving While Suspended, Harass: Course of Conduct, Electronic Harassment, and Telephone Misuse by Cpl. Holdsworth# 305.

James Thomas Lanzi

10/23/21- Robert Elwood Morgan, age 75 of Lexington Park- Driving Vehicle While Impaired by Alcohol by Dep. Salas# 358.

Robert Elwood Morgan

10/24/21- Laryssa Jean Wall, age 25 of Mechanicsville- Violate Protective Order and Assault 2nd Degree by Cpl. Maloy# 137.

Laryssa Jean Wall

10/24/21- James William Blackiston III, age 28 of Great Mills- Failure to Appear/CDS: Possession- Not Marijuana by Dep. Schell# 359.

James William Blackiston III

10/24/21- Frankie Lee Messineo, age 30 of Hollywood- Theft and CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by DFC. Shelko# 326.

Frankie Lee Messineo

10/24/21- Carlos Issisas Hernandez Ticas, age 19 of Lexington Park- Obstructing and Hindering and False Statement to Officer by Dep. Katulich# 363.

Carlos Issisas Hernandez Ticas

10/24/21- Nakita Laquette Williams, age 44 of Lexington Park- Vehicle/Rented-Not Returned by DFC. Fenwick# 338.

Nakita Laquette Williams

10/25/21- Garry Wayne Morris, age 32 of Great Mills- Theft, Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle, and Motor Vehicle/Unlawful Taking by DFC. Fenwick# 338.

Garry Wayne Morris

10/25/21- Aaron Matthew Powers, age 38 of California- Disturbing the Peace and Attempted Burglary by Dep. Edelen# 330.

Aaron Matthew Powers

10/25/21- Stephen Donnell Dyson, age 21 of Lexington Park- Malicious Destruction of Property by Cpl. Beishline# 257.

Stephen Donnell Dyson

10/25/21- Raymond Aryen Bowles, age 57 of Hollywood- Failure to Appear/Driving While Impaired by CDS by Dep. Jerew# 372.

Raymond Aryen Bowles

10/25/21- Robert James Grinder, age 32 of Lexington Park- Burglary 4th Degree and Theft by Dep. Jerew# 372.

Robert James Grinder

10/27/21- Dineasha Nicole Stewart, age 30 of Lexington Park- Driving Motor Vehicle on Highway on Suspended License by Cpl. Holdsworth# 305.

Dineasha Nicole Stewart

10/27/21- Joseph William Medley III, age 38 of Leonardtown- Attempted 1st and 2nd Degree Murder, Assault 2nd Degree and Dangerous Weapon/Injure by Cpl. Holdsworth# 305.

Joseph William Medley III

10/27/21- Sean Marino Goins, age 40 of Baltimore- Assault 2nd Degree by Dep. Lawrence# 279.

Sean Marino Goins

10/28/21- David Michael Chase, age 39 of Lexington Park- Driving Without a License by Dep. Lawrence# 279.

David Michael Chase