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PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. — On April 29, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer [MD-05] will be joining gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore, offering his full endorsement of the democratic hopeful.

In response to inquiry of his endorsement, Hoyer told TheBayNet.com the following:

“I am honored to support Wes Moore to be the next Governor of the State of Maryland. While there are many great candidates in this year’s race, Wes stands out as a candidate whose experience, vision, and talent can lead Maryland toward a brighter future by inspiring our people – particularly our young people – to work together to face our toughest challenges.”

“Throughout his life, Wes Moore has shown up for the most vulnerable and given back to his community.  He’s served his nation in uniform and proven himself as a successful author, businessman, and philanthropist. I have no doubt that he will be able to lead our state forward as governor as he works for stronger wages, more equitable opportunities, and greater pathways to success for Marylanders.

I strongly endorse Wes Moore, a native son of Maryland and a visionary and innovative, generational leader for our state.”

Moore has collected several major endorsements for his campaign ahead of the July 19th primary election. One of Moore’s most notable endorsements comes from the Maryland State Education Association.

However Moore’s campaign has not come without controversy. The candidate’s backstory has recently come into question after several other news organizations began to dig into his past.

Read the full news release from Congressman Hoyer’s office below:

Today, Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) delivered the following remarks at a press event at the Bowie State University MARC Station formally announcing his endorsement of Wes Moore as the next Democratic governor of the state of Maryland. Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery:

“I did not plan to endorse any of the gubernatorial candidates in this primary, given the talented field of Democratic contenders.  All of them are highly qualified and would do an honest and credible job as governor of Maryland.

“Over the course of this campaign, however, I’ve gotten to know Wes Moore.

“While he is new to politics, he is not new to the experiences that make for a successful candidate and successful governor.  Those experiences, from which he learned so much and whose lessons he has shared with so many others, demonstrate his extraordinary qualifications to meet this moment in the history of our state.

“I’ve been in public office in Maryland for half a century, and I’ve seen a lot of candidates.  Wes Moore is unlike any other.  He is uniquely suited to bring a message of hope and possibility to this race.  He is a new candidate for a new and better day for Maryland.

“Wes is a young and dynamic leader, full of vigor and vision, who is ready to take his boundless energy – and a common sense born of experience – and use it to invigorate our economy, our people, and our sense of possibility.

“He offers us the dynamism of youth, the courage of someone who has been a leader at war, and the intellect of someone who has helped shape and frame our understanding of some of the toughest challenges facing Marylanders.

“Wes also brings the passion of his convictions, born out of very real personal struggles in his youth and the strength he showed in overcoming them by choosing to pursue excellence.

“In all his pursuits, he has demonstrated energy and focus, which have led him to a life of success in every endeavor.  When others might have done otherwise, Wes set the highest expectations for himself, and he rose to meet them.

“When he’s spoken about overcoming hardships, Wes has said: ‘We are not products of our environment; we are products of our expectations.’  In so many ways, the greatest challenge Maryland faces is one of expectations.

“We live in uncertain times, when global and national crises have brought very real and tangible fears to families around kitchen tables right here in Maryland.  By helping us set higher expectations for our state and its direction, Wes can take us places that others cannot.

“He can lift our spirits and inspire in all of us that same determined energy he has brought to all of his many successful endeavors.  And, at a time when too many look to the future and see only darkness, Wes shines a light on the possibilities yet unseen and undreamed.

“Big problems require big vision.  Of all the candidates, Wes Moore has the biggest vision.  

“And we’ve seen what he can do with his vision when it comes to helping better the lives of those around him.  That’s what he did at the Robin Hood Foundation, when he raised $600 million to improve the lives of families in Maryland and across the country and help lift people out of poverty.

“In Wes, I see a leader who can tap into the energy of the next generation and set their minds and hearts on fire with the possibility of what they could do to step up, participate in building stronger communities and a stronger Maryland.

“Leading his fellow paratroopers in combat in Afghanistan, Wes showed us the stuff he is made of.  I was just in Poland visiting his former division, the 82nd Airborne.  You must have a high degree of professionalism, intellect, courage, and leadership ability to succeed as an officer in that elite division.  Wes is the only combat veteran running for governor this year.  He will bring the same sense of duty and courage he showed in Afghanistan to the challenges we face in Annapolis.

“Maryland needs a dynamic, young, and visionary leader who will help us ask the big questions about what we value, where we’re going, and what it will take to get there together.

“Shortly, we’ll be touring what many of us hope will be designated as a ‘RISE zone’ for economic development.  This is a wonderful project and one that reflects the same kind of vision that Wes has been promoting for years as an author, as a leader, and as the CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation.

“He understands that to rise we need to invest in our people from the very start – to create better options and choices for young people so they can reach for success and embark on good careers that help them get ahead and build wealth for generations.

“He knows that to rise Maryland needs to tap into the talent of all its people, from every community and background, leaving no one out and no one behind.

“And he recognizes that to rise we need to invest in our workers, raise wages, and make opportunities like child care, health care, and housing more affordable so that families can get ahead and make it in Maryland.

“Maryland is ready to rise.  And Wes Moore is the right person to lift us up.  He is the leader we need for this moment, a man of intellect and integrity, a man of worth and substance, a man of vision and direction.

“Wes has a path to win not only the primary but also the general election, by sharing his vision and his faith in the people and communities of our state.

“Wes can inspire all of us – to use the words of that wonderful anthem – to face ‘the rising sun of our new day begun.’  And with his energy and leadership to guide us forward, surely, together, we will ‘march on till victory is won.’

“The first stop on that road to victory and to a better future for Maryland is July 19, when we will choose our nominee for governor.  I’m choosing Wes Moore, and I hope my fellow Marylanders will join me.”

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  1. Anyone Hoyer is recommending will be bad for the state. Hoyer is one of the major players in the disastrous running of Congress so his agenda is definitely not for the betterment of the US or Maryland.

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