Having the conversation nobody seems able to start about race relations in St. Mary’s County is the subject of a forum hosted by The Conversations Starters (TCS) on Tuesday, July 26. The free public forum, having “The Conversation…” will focus on why “we” are so reluctant to openly discuss race in an honest and raw manner.

Also, addressed will be the conflicting ideas that surround “Democracy and Race” This conversation will delve into the mindset of “us,” the people who live here, and our actions when it comes to facing issues of race.

The sponsoring organization is a grassroots movement that is working towards implementing initiatives that will encourage community participation.

They are working towards developing community-based solutions to the rebuilding of race relations; including hindering factors, such as: facing (i.e. discussing) the legacy of slavery, tackling stereotypes, examining innate, socially motivated racially charged behavior, and identifying institutionalized systematic racial biases across all facets of society.

The group wants to be a beacon of hope for the future of mending and bridging the gaps between races. Since November 2015, the immediate goal for the organization has been to host monthly forums that will piggyback off one another to further “The conversation and healing of our community.”

The presenting organization is an entity focused on using the art of conversation in order to heal, learn, and educate our society when engaged in race related situations. The facilitator of the discussion will be Allie Simmons, the founder and President of TCS; along with committee members.

The mission of TCS is to help this nation reconcile with its past about race while mending and rebuilding the relationship between races and cultural ethnic groups in the United States, starting in St. Mary’s County. The grassroots movement is focused on having community dialogue that is inclusive and encourages community involvement. Community participation is vital to the success of the mission.

TCS intends to be the tool that provides an open and honest cultural conversation on a local, state and eventually national level. TCS’ goal is to use honest and raw dialogue, along with community outreach to start the healing process, from the damage and scars left from the legacy of slavery (i.e. racism) to unite a divided community and nation.

Once a month TCS has regular Sunday “Topic of Conversations” meetings which are open to the public. This is a place where people of all races in the community can get together and openly discuss race and its issues. Community participation is encouraged and welcomed.

Monthly meeting info:

Event: The Topic of Conversation Meeting

Time: 3-4:30 p.m.

Day: Sundays

Place: Email to us for location

Email: ttopicofconversation@gmail.com

Hosted by: The Conversation Starters (TCS)

Contact/Phone: Allie Simmons (240-718- 8282)