Do you have plans for Saturday night? The Amazing Karen Jonas will play live at The Hollar listening room at Friday’s Creek Winery Saturday at 6 p.m. and there are still plenty seats left!

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“I’ve always tried to make the most genuine music I can, and appreciate whatever industry success that music finds,” Karen Jonas said recently in an exclusive interview with

Jonas has many Americana influences but gave specific nods to well-known songwriting legends.

“I love the great songwriters: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon,” she said. “And, somewhere along the way, I picked up a little twang too, from the likes of Hank Williams and Dwight Yoakam.”

When asked about her most memorable moments this far in her career she said, “Guitarist Tim Bray and I had the opportunity to play at the 9:30 Club as a part of the DC Music Rocks Showcase a few weeks ago, it was an amazing crowd and such a historic venue.”

A listening room performance is a Nashville-style concept that was developed to give listeners a more intimate audience with the artist and it is reputably a unique experience. It provides the listeners and the artist a with a converse atmosphere — often listeners will ask about an artist’s favorite instrument.

“I play the guitar my dad bought in 1976,” Jonas said. “It’s a Cortez, a Japanese-made knockoff of a Gibson J-200. I love it, it has sentimental value, and saves me from spending money on more guitars.”

When asked if she will be requesting a bowl of green m&m’s, she laughed and said, “I think I’m pretty laid back. You could ask guitarist-driver-business partner Tim; he’d probably think of a few things!”

Jonas finds that she enjoys the listening room venues because something is fulfilling about being able to discuss the music with the listeners.

“I love talking to a listening audience about my songs so that they’ll be able to connect with them better on first listen,” she said. “Mostly I like it when people laugh at my jokes.”

Along with her down to Earth, real person vibe, Jonas said she doesn’t put too much time into fashion and makeup.

“I’ve got four kids at home,” Jonas said. “So I’m usually throwing my makeup on in the car.”

She spoke more about the things she enjoys about songwriting and singing.

“I love telling stories, and picking just the right details to bring people along to another place and time,” she said.

She said that among the lyrics she’s written, she does have some favorites.

“Mama drinks straight whiskey, she’s the real thing/though she makes a fine manhattan or a martini/she is efficient she believes in simplicity/mama drinks straight whiskey,” she sang.

Jonas doesn’t have much time for hobbies outside of music.

“I have four kids, a dog, and two cats at home, so that takes up most of my time if I’m not working,” she said.

When asked what she would do if she was not a singer-songwriter, she said, “I never spent much time considering it. Maybe I’d probably stay home with my kids full time. Maybe my house would be cleaner.”

Jonas and her business partner have recently been performing often and have no plans of slowing down.

“We’ll keep making the best records we can and see where the road takes us. We’re hoping to get to Europe next year,” she said. “We released our fourth record on July 19 called Lucky, Revisited, give it a listen!”

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Sept. 7 – Larry Mitchell and Bruce Sadona
Sept. 20 – Thomas Gabriel, Johnny Cash’s grandson
Oct. 11 – The Billy Hubbard Band from Tennessee and Seafoam Green from Ireland

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