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So this may be a little taboo, but such is the subject that I choose to write about. It’s something that I want to believe in. Nay, I do believe in. Because, and prepare yourselves for this, the truth is out there.

Yeah, ok. Enough of the X-Files references, right? Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles and discussion about extra terrestrials and paranormal activities. Last weekend, I took my father and sister to see the newest X-Files movie. My dad, always the die-hard fan of the show, wore the X-Files t-shirt that I bought him, o so many years ago for his birthday. Lucky enough, my mom washes his laundry with Gain and it hadn’t faded.

This new film didn’t exactly break any records with its release, but I wouldn’t say it flopped either. I think one of the reasons why it wasn’t welcomed to fanfare was because it wasn’t marketed very well. Going into the theater, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. It didn’t matter. When David Duchovny made his first appearance on screen with a scruffy beard from going under the FBI’s radar, I was hooked.

I was shocked, however, to find that the movie had nothing to do with the extra terrestrial, but with psychic activities of a child-molesting priest.

Ok. What gives? Has even Chris Carter given up on spreading the good word of the paranormal?

I saw this headline the other day: Astronaut Says Government Covering Up UFOs. Either this guy is totally crazy, or he’s a genius. O please, Mr. Astronaut. Enlighten me. Tell me all about Area 51. Of course I clicked the link to read the story. You clicked the link to read this one didn’t you?

Of course, Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 veteran of West Palm Beach, says the government cover up began in Roswell, N.M. in 1947. We know this. Get to the good stuff. The article starts with a fabulous quote:

“It’s incredible to think that we might be the only intelligent, living system in the universe. That’s not credible anymore.”

Being the sucker I am, I read through the entire article, in which he blasts the media for not showing enough interest and ends with the idea that JFK was the last American president briefed on UFOs. I was expecting a claim that he at least shook hands with an alien and gave an American flag on a toothpick to our galaxy neighbors when he made his record longest walk on the moon. Sadly, there was no such claim nor was there a photo to document the event.

So, here’s to you Edgar Mitchell. This is my way of doing my part as a member of the media to dig for the truth. After all, it’s quite ignorant to think we’re the only intelligent life in the ever-expanding infinite universe.