Washington DC. — On Saturday Nov. 6 Two men were arrested in connection with spray painting at several buildings in downtown Washington including the Trump International Hotel and the FBI building, both on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Eric Roberts, 27, of Florida, was arrested and charged with defacing government property and resisting arrest. Danny Hamilton, 35, of Louisiana was charged with destruction of D.C. government property for damaging a police cruiser and with resisting arrest, according to the D.C. police.
The police said in a release that both men were arrested for offenses that occurred during the Million Mask March demonstration.
The march, which has become an annual event in a number of cities around the world, is loosely organized by the Anonymous movement to protest a variety of targets including government surveillance, censorship and corrupt political systems.
The graffiti at the FBI building appears to include a depiction of the group’s symbol, the Guy Fawkes mask, which has also been used by members of the Occupy movement, and the word “Corrupt.”