A sad story of twin brothers played out in Charles County Circuit Court Wednesday, Sept. 3.

One brother has walked the straight and narrow. The other found himself facing Judge Amy J. Bragunier, who sentenced Wade Thomas Robinson, 20 of Waldorf, to 15 years of incarceration at Patuxent Institute in Jessup for his part in a violent carjacking December of 2013.

Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney John Stackhouse told the court that Robinson was already on probation from a previous offense when the carjacking took place with two accomplices.

“He did tender a guilty plea in that case and got a benefit from the state,” Stackhouse said. “Then he goes and gets convicted on a conspiracy of carjacking charge.”

Stackhouse recommended that given the violation of parole, Robinson should get all of his backup time in addition to whatever jail time the judge imposed. The maximum sentence was eight to 15 years, he told the court.

Robinson’s attorney Monte D. Montgomery Jr. admitted to Bragunier that the matter before her was “a horrible case. There’s no getting around that,” he said. “It was a stupid, stupid offense.”

Robinson told the judge he was “deeply sorry for the pain I caused the victim and their family.

“There are no excuses,” he told the court. “I made a mistake I cannot go back and change.”

The defendant’s father, Victor Robinson of Waldorf, told the judge he was still a little in shock over the crime his son was charged with.

“He has been taught right from wrong,” he said. “I love that he’s standing in front of you as a man acknowledging what he did was wrong. He has learned.”

“Where does this idea come from that you can beat up somebody and take their things?” Bragunier asked.

“I do not know,” the father said. “He wasn’t raised that way.”

Bragunier sentenced Robinson to three years and six months on the violation of probation charge and 11 years and six months on the conspiracy to commit carjacking charge with 273 days of credit for time already served.

She added that she was remanding Robinson to the Patuxent Institute and told him to take advantage of the programs they offer and said him that upon his release he will be on supervised probation.

Family members called out, “Keep your head up, Wade,” as he was led away.

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