LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. —  On Thursday afternoon, the football team previously known as the Washington Redskins announced that they will be retiring their logo and team name after months of public outcry and turmoil within the organization.

The new name, “Washington Football Team,” which the organization is “[encouraging] fans, media and all other parties to use… immediately” is arguably simplistic, but will be used for a measure of consistency until a new name is adopted.

The team announced they will be “rolling out an aesthetic that reflects the direction of the franchise as we progress toward a new name and design scheme.”

The franchise was previously reported to be caught up in some battles over already trademarked team names with a man from Virginia. Whether or not this is playing a part in the team’s troubles to advance the process of rebranding is still unclear.

The Washington Football Team announced that they will be retiring the logo and old team name at the start of this season.

This is a developing story.

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