As the weather warms up, most people are not thinking about about preparing their vehicle for the next winter.

Some of these videos have been floating around social media. If you haven’t seen the Track N Go wheel driven track system, just watch. 


According to the web site, the average time to install the four tracks is 15 minutes.

Depending on local laws and regulations, there is usually not a problem for using the track system on the roads.

The Track N Go system was tested for over four years prior to being introduced to the market. It can handle up to 12,500 pounds per vehicle. To break that down, that’s 6,250 pounds per axle and 3,125 pounds per track.

With the track system, it is possible to ride on pavement, as the system was designed to run on the road. The maximum suggested speed while using the system is 40 mph.

The track system can be utilized during all four seasons. The rubber track may be studded for ice in areas already provided on the track. It hasn’t been tested in muddy environments, but the track system works well in the sand.

All 4×4 pickup trucks and some 4×4 Large SUVs that meet the following requirements can use the track system:
• Automatic transmission with low range 4L
• Automatic differential lock (or limiter slip diff.) on rear axle
• Winter tires with regular soft compound (all seasons tires and mud tires works but not recommended)
• Important: Use tires without studs
• Outside tire diameter required: 31 to 35 inches 
• Tire width: up to 13 inches 
• Remove full length running boards from the vehicle
• Engine: V-8 with 5 liters and up for full sized pickup truck and Large SUV’s also V6 for mid-sized pickup truck and Off-road SUV’s

The company provides a warranty against manufacturing defects for a full season. Additional parts for the system can be purchased on the website. No modifications are necessary for installing the track system.

No matter the type of truck, the system is the same. Wheel adapters are different according to the bolt pattern of the individual vehicle, and the basic system is universal and can be used on all other vehicles on which the wheel adapters are installed.

The length of the track is 136 inches (3454 mm) and the width is 15 inches (381 mm), and the weight of each track is 325 pounds.

The following range of tires fits the track system:
Outside tire diameter required is between 31 to 35 inches.
Tire width can be up to 13 inches.
Winter tires with regular soft compound, and all seasons tires and mud tires works but not recommended. 

The tracking system is the same price for all makes of trucks and SUVs.

For more information, check out their website

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