Anita K. Emery

Leonardtown, Md — A St. Mary’s County judge has sentenced a young woman to 18 months in jail in hopes she can get treatment for her drug addictions. Circuit Court Judge Michael Stamm sentenced Anita Emery, 27 of Great Mills during a July 13 hearing for violation of probation.

Emery has a long history of convictions in St. Mary’s County District Court for theft, obtaining drugs with altered prescriptions and forgery, for which she spent short amounts of time in jail for each offense. But it was during one of those trips to the detention center that she really got in big trouble by conspiring with another woman to smuggle drugs into the jail.

On June 27, 2012 Amber Clark of Hughesville was found to have oxycodone and alprazolam pills on her person. Clark and three other detainees including Emery were charged with conspiracy to possess contraband in a secure facility. Emery was convicted on that charge and sentenced to two years in jail but all but one month was suspended.

Since then there was an allegation by the Department of Parole and Probation that Emery used heroin, a violation of her probation . She admitted to the violation of probation.

During the sentencing hearing Emery’s attorney, public defender Brian Posey, said his client was otherwise a good person except for the fact that she was an “addict.” Judge Stamm agreed. He told Emery, “You are a nice young lady but you need some help.”

Posey had asked for a delay in sentencing to give him time to work out arrangements for treatment for his client. But Judge Stamm said a treatment facility wouldn’t accept her until she was sentenced and he pressed for the sentencing at that time, to which Emery agreed.

If the judge had given her the total one year and 11 months back-up time she would have been sent to the state penal system. Instead, Judge Stamm imposed an 18 month sentence which could be served locally at the St. Mary’s County Detention Center. He said he hoped she could get into a long-term residential drug treatment program. If she completes such a program, Judge Stamm said he would count the time in that program toward her sentence.

Judge Stamm authorized work release for Emery and gave her credit for the 102 days she has spent in jail this time awaiting sentencing.

The state was represented at the sentencing hearing by Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel White.

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