To Senator Steve Waugh:
I’m one of your constituents, living in Chesapeake Ranch Estates near the Dominion LNG Export Refinery. I am disappointed in your sponsorship of the fracking moratorium and your voting against the fracking ban. Please reconsider your stance. The process of fracking is not what we want in Maryland. If you visit our neighboring states and talk to neighbors of fracking operations, you would realize that the promises the gas and oil companies give are mostly lies to get contracts signed. They do not care about their neighbors’ health, drinking water, noise or pollutants going into the air. Water wells are being poisoned and people living near well sites are getting sick with cancers and skin diseases and respiratory problems. There are known carcinogens involved with the fracking chemicals which cause birth defects, low birth weight and still births.

These fracked gasses that will come to Cove Point will not come pollutant free, either. There is a list of chemicals that the plant will be permitted to release into our neighborhood that you really don’t want in your yard. 
I’m happy that Governor Hogan stood up for the people of Maryland and supported the fracking ban and I hope that you will do the same. 

David Hardy
Calvert County Representative for the Sierra Club of Southern Maryland