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ANNAPOLIS, Md. – December 1, 2022, Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, Patuxent High Vs Dunbar High. The two powerhouses of the 1A/2A division.

The game had so much hype, it felt like a dream.

After a very intense game, Patuxent lost to Dunbar 13-22. Ever since the silent bus ride home, Coach Crounse has been planning to get back on that field one more time.

“The 2023 season began on the bus ride back from Annapolis after the loss to Dunbar,” said Coach Crounse at the beginning of the preseason workouts.

And all the coaches agree that it is about time that they start things back up again.

Since this past April, the 2023-’24 season team has been in the weight room non stop working out, running around, and having a little fun here and there. They do everything from Benches, Squats, and Deadlifts.

Just wait for the huge renovation of the weight room in June-July.

The team has suffered losses on offense, defense, and even special teams from losing seniors, such as Jaylon Edwards, Jedidiah Lancaster, Asa Locks, and Colin McDermitt. But with these losses there will be gains, for next year there are already stars shining bright. New additions will include Linebacker Ryan Holland, Offensive Lineman Dustin Scruggs, and Quarterback Evan Blouir.

“Win the championship game that we lost last year.” Even said was the mindset of everyone getting back into this year. With these rising stars coming up, everyone is ready for the next season from teachers to students, heck even youth league football kids are rip-roaring and ready for this season. 

Everything is falling in place for Patuxent High as they get closer and closer to the fall season. With goals being set for next year and coming off a high season of beating the 4A State champion Northpoint, becoming regional champs, and going all the way to states just to come short.

So, mark your calendars for the season opener on Friday, September 9th against Lacky, then look out for these marquee matchups against Northern on 10/14 and Calvert on 10/27.

With a big season ahead of Patuxent and the pressure being high, they aren’t worried because they are UNFINISHED. 

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