ANNAPOLIS, MD – Senator Jack Bailey released the following statement Friday, Jan. 18 after the Governor’s inclusion of $11,953,000 in Maryland’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budget to complete the design and begin construction of the University of Maryland Academic and Research Center at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, also known as the ‘Third Building’ at the Regional Higher Education Center located in Hollywood, MD:

“I’m pleased that Governor Hogan has included funding for the University System of Maryland Academic and Research Center, known as the ‘third building,’ in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget unveiled today. The third building funding represents a significant step forward in our partnership with the U.S. Navy at Patuxent River.  This funding allows the project construction to begin.  A third building at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center is important to economic growth in our State and in particular, in Charles, Calvert & St. Mary’s Counties. This project is crucial to growing our local economy, both within the Navy Base and out in the local community, as the requirement to produce and attract highly skilled individuals continues to grow.  This important partnership with the University System of Maryland establish a highly skilled workforce to meet the needs of the Patuxent River Naval Air Station; the Naval Service Warfare Center, Indian Head; and the University of Maryland Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site.  I look forward to working with the Governor and our legislative leaders to ensure this project is on track to be completed. 

In my many meetings with Navy and community leaders, this project continues to be a top priority.  I have conveyed the importance of it to the Governor and Legislative leaders in my meetings with them.  I plan to work tirelessly to protect this funding as the budget is approved by the Legislature.

Today is a happy day that moves us one step closer to breaking ground on this 84k square foot project.  When completed, this $86 mil. ($85,995 mil.) facility represents a critical investment in bringing expanded higher education research opportunities to Southern Maryland.  The University System of Maryland’s presence here brings world class capabilities are now available to our important regional military installations to make them even better protected and stronger.  I thank Governor Hogan for his steadfast commitment to funding this critically needed research facility.  This is one of the most significant State investments to our region since the BRAC of the 1990s.”