Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young (via Facebook)

BALTIMORE — Just as restaurants and businesses in Baltimore City were starting to enter a period of rebuilding, Mayor Jack Young[D] reimposed a hurdle that was likely intended to help the current rise in cases that his jurisdiction is seeing.

Effective at 5 p.m. on July 24, restaurants and bars in Baltimore City will be forced to shutter customers from indoors dining, and strictly offer outdoor dining, curbside pickup, and delivery options.

“I have always said we would continue to monitor the data and not hesitate to tighten restrictions if the data [tells] us it’s needed,” Young said during a news conference on July 22.

In the city, which is the fourth largest jurisdiction in the state in terms of size and numbers of positive COVID-19 cases, virus positivity rates have continued to rise near levels that match previous peaks back in May. However, the mortality rate of the virus in Baltimore City has continued to decline according to data provided by the city’s health department.

Baltimore City cases and death statistics(via BCHD)

Looking more towards Southern Maryland, COVID-19 cases have continued to rise. St. Mary’s County recently passed the threshold of over 800 cases, reported on July 23 as 818, however, they also recently reached the county’s target goal of testing 10% of residents. St. Mary’s County Health Department officials recently said that they are looking to set a new goal of 15%.

St. Mary’s County case data(via SMCHD)

Calvert County’s Health Department is currently reporting 500 cases, and Charles County is reporting 1,679 cases since the start of the pandemic.

Across the state, metropolitan areas and counties which border Washington D.C. remain hotspots for the virus. Prince George’s County currently is the jurisdiction with the most positive cases, with 21,038 reported as of July 23. Montgomery County is not too far behind with 16,654 cases. While they make up a large portion of the state’s population, those two counties comprise nearly half of Maryland’s 80,836 confirmed cases. 

Maryland Statewide COVID-19 Statistics (via MDH)

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