Basketball Coaches Take A Turn To Represent Their Schools On Local Podcast, “Student Athlete Spotlight”

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GREAT MILLS, Md. – The BayNet’s Podcast, “Student Athlete Spotlight,” is back with another season covering local high school sports. 

This season, Local Coach Aaron Brady brought four high school basketball coaches on the show to discuss their strengths, weaknesses, and what inspires them to coach. 

Episode seven features an Interview with Great Mills High School Basketball Coach Matt Wood. 

Wood came to Southern Maryland from Pennsylvania eleven years ago after accepting a teaching job offer. He had never been to Southern Maryland prior, but he reported to Coach Brady that he is happy to be here.

“Great Mills is just a good basketball school. So, no matter where you go, when these girls are in class, there’s probably a teacher that wants to talk basketball or students that want to talk basketball, so Great Mills has a strong basketball tradition,” said Wood. 

During the interview, Brady asked Coach Wood about his expectations for the team this season. 

“I think we lost three starters from last year’s team, but we have a good core back. I expect us to compete and get better. That’s my only expectation. All I tell them every day is let’s just come to practice with effort and attitude, and we’ll get better as time goes on,” exclaimed Wood. 

Brady’s mission for the podcast series is to allow coaches to inspire students who want to play sports to jump on joining local teams. 

“Just go to a park if you can, if there is one nearby, and go play. Learn the game that way. That’s how a lot of people learn the game instead of always having so much structure,” Wood expressed. “And it’s fun doing it that way too, and it’s good for you. So I just hope more people get out there and play.” 

Brady concluded the episode by asking for a quote that carries his students through life. 

“Everyone has the will to win when they are competing, but very few people have the will to prepare to win. So I put a lot of emphasis on preparing to win because ultimately, you can be very competitive for that 32 minutes of game time, but if you didn’t work hard at practice or in the off-season, you’re not always going to be that successful,” concluded Wood. 

Come back on Thursday, January 19, for a group talk episode with high school basketball Coaches Matt Wood from Great Mills and Tylita Bulter from Leonardtown.

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Student Athlete Spotlight features interviews with local high school sports coaches and students.

ABOUT THE HOST: Coach Brady has been coaching since 1999 after a brief cup of coffee with NY Giants in the NotForLong League.  During the last 22 seasons, he has spent 8 years in the college ranks at Duke, Georgetown, Mansfield, and Clarion University respectively, and has been a head high school coach for 14 seasons.  As a high school scholar-athlete, he garnered 10 varsity letters in football, basketball, and baseball and was All-State in two sports.  Over the years, Aaron has coached baseball, basketball, girl’s soccer, women’s football, and men’s football.

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