The Board of Directors of Bay Community Support Services, Inc. (BAY-CSS) is pleased to announce that Ike and Diann Puzon of Ft. Washington, Maryland have been appointed to BAY-CSS’ Board of Directors. Ike brings to BAY-CSS a diverse background as a successful businessman, staff member of a US Senator, and his 40-years-experience with the US military. Diann offers 40+ years of experience in a variety of capacities from Project Manager and Advisor to consultant with the Department of Energy, Department of Labor, US Congress, and various non-profits.

Additionally, Ike and Diann offer a unique perspective of parents of a child with a disability. Ike and Diann, who will serve on the Development and Government Affairs committees, personally hand-chose BAY-CSS and are thrilled with the services the agency provides their daughter. Ike recently shared that, “BAY-CSS’ good work clearly stood out when compared to other agencies they considered”, and Diann described BAY-CSS’ dedicated staff as “Angels on Earth”.

BAY-CSS Board of Directors and its Executive Director, Mitzi Bernard, would like to extend a warm welcome to Ike and Diann Puzon.

Bay Community Support Services, Inc. has been proudly providing quality services to people with disabilities in the Southern and Central areas of Maryland since 1986. BAYCSS is a proven leader of personalized services for people with disabilities. For further information, please call, Brandy Blackstone, (301) 863-8870, ext. 44 or visit our website at