The official 2014 September 30 count for Calvert County Public Schools is 15,633, which is 237 students fewer than last year. After more than a decade of rapid growth, the school system’s population reached a high of 17,468 in 2005 before declining annually to the current enrollment.

School system funding is based in part on total population. According to Superintendent Daniel D. Curry, “This loss of enrollment will represent additional challenges as we prepare the budget for Fiscal Year 2016.”

The September 30 count, which is used by the Maryland State Department of Education for its funding formula, does not include students enrolled in prekindergarten and special prekindergarten because local school districts do not receive state funding for their preschool programs.  

According to enrollment projections by the Maryland Department of Planning, the student population is expected to continue to decline through 2023, the last year for which projections have been calculated. Current capital planning includes the replacement of aging buildings and equipment but no additional buildings, a sharp contrast to the expansion that occurred during the past decade.