Calvert Man Pleads Guilty To Multiple Counts Of Felony Animal Cruelty. Edward Stanley Williams
Edward Stanley Williams

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – On May 1, 2023, Edward Stanley Williams, 54, of Huntingtown, pleaded guilty in Calvert County Circuit Court to 4 counts of felony animal cruelty relating to the use and possession of dogs for dogfighting, and 1 count of unlawful possession of a firearm.  Sentencing is set for July 7, 2023 at 1:00 pm before the Honorable Mark S. Chandlee.

These charges are the result of a collaborative effort between Calvert County Animal Control, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, the Humane Society, and the State’s Attorney’s Office.  Through this investigation, it was determined that Williams maintained twelve American Pitbull Terrier type dogs on the property.

Several of the dogs had injuries and scarring consistent with having been used in a dogfight.  Numerous implements of dogfighting were also located at the property including weighted collars, breeding stands, break sticks, and assorted medications.  Investigators also recovered photographs, videotapes, and documents memorializing dogfighting activities.

The case is being prosecuted by Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Christopher J. Monte.

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  1. This loser & his accomplices need to be imprisoned for a long long time!! How can fighting animals be fun??!! Losers!!!

  2. Please punish them adequately for dog fighting so they will never do it again A slap on the wrist just won’t do it

  3. my goodness, I just must say theres multiple counts of child cruelty going on regularly in the form of abortion at the local abortion office. Maryland will get to the point where its pro choice when it gathers data at the abortion offices about how helpful & useful the sidewalk counselors are & considers it official health data. & when it allows sidewalk counselor access at all & not just some abortion offices. example: on saturday, there were 15 patients, 5 of them accepted brochures & none of them changed their minds. Its a good thing the sidewalk counselors themselves & not the state decide if they are being effective\ productive at the abortion offices.

    1. Abortion is the removal of a fetus, not a child. A fetus is part of a woman’s body until she gives birth, then it becomes a child. I don’t LIKE abortion, but the fact is that a woman has a right to choose what goes on with her body.

    2. Wtf does this comment have to do with this article!?!?! It’s a article about dog fighting ANIMAL CRUELTY etc. Nowhere in this article did it say anything about child abuse, abortions or anything. I read your comment and it was the most ignorant thing I have read in a while. It’s not your decision, my decision or anyone else’s decision to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body. And after reading your comment, it’s a prime example of why some people shouldn’t breed, and you may have made top of the list. Smh

  4. Hope they rot in jail and Calvert law officials continue to fight against these sickos! Great work Calvert!

  5. This man and his accomplices need to have these dogs turned loose on THEM. That would be a just punishment. Most of these poor dogs will have to be put down. Such a shame.

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