PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. — On Tuesday, October 4th, the Calvert County Board of Commissioners began their first meeting of October with a proclamation recognizing the start of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

For those of you who might not know, this national holiday was founded in October 1987. It, of course, lasts through the entirety of the said month.

It is an important opportunity to remember all those who have been victims of acts of domestic abuse and to raise awareness of the threat of domestic violence. 

It is also a great opportunity to educate people to recognize domestic violence and the signs that it has occurred.

This proclamation was presented by Commissioner Mike Hart.

Some of those present to hear the proclamation included Catherine Marsh, vice chair of the Commission for Women in Calvert County, Erin Wilkins, clinical supervisor for Calvert Center for Change, Melissa Collazo, program coordinator and group facilitator for the County Abuse Intervention Program, and Khalisa Marsh, manager at Safe Harbor Domestic Violence Shelter.

According to Marsh, “One in four women and one in seven men will experience some form of intimate partner violence. Twenty-four people every minute in this country suffer abuse in an intimate partner relationship. One in four children will witness domestic violence…”

“Intimate partner violence impacts the entire community and we really appreciate the County Board of Commissioners recognizing the awareness for this month.”

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  1. yeah, domestic violence is difficult to address. When you put someone in jail, the state doesn’t replace the lost income. You have to ponder that before you put someone in jail.

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