Huntingtown, MD – On Dec. 16 at approximately 6:09 p.m. Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans was operating his agency assigned Tahoe, travelling north along Maryland Route 261 in the area of Pond Woods Road in Huntingtown. As Sheriff Evans approached Pond Woods Road he observed a Toyota truck travelling eastbound on Pond Woods Road that was not going to stop at the stop sign. Sheriff Evans braked and turned to the right in an attempt to minimize the collision with the Toyota truck. The left front of Sheriff Evans vehicle contacted the Toyota truck in the passenger side door. 

The Toyota truck was operated by Jack Rowland Abbott Jr. of Valley Lee. Abbott advised Sgt. Canning, the investigating deputy, that he was not familiar with the area and that he didn’t know that he had run a stop sign or that one was even present.
Sheriff Evans had four passengers in the vehicle with him at the time of the crash. The four passengers were a military family.  The family had won an auction from Beach Elementary School where the sheriff provided the family with dinner and a tour of the sheriff’s office and was returning the family home when the accident occurred.   

EMS personnel from the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene and assessed everyone involved. All of the airbags in Sheriff Evans Tahoe had deployed during the crash and all of the occupants were belted with the children being in booster seats. Fortunately there were no injuries sustained during the crash.
Both vehicles involved in the crash were disabled and had to be towed from the scene.