Lusby, MD – As kickoff approached this past Friday night, both schools’ student sections were full in their respective colors, Patuxent’s in neon green “Shockwave”, and Calvert dressed in full hunting camo. The hype was a buzz as Calvert prepared to kick off to Patuxent. Patuxent picked up a first down on their opening possession, but we’re stopped in their tracks, and gave the ball up on downs. Calvert took over, picked a first down, and quarterback Jack Lanham was flying through the air as a lightning bolt struck across the sky. This brought a delay, and eventually a suspension in play.

Pick it up Monday night, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m., 72 hours after the game kicked off.

Calvert took the ball on a 2nd down and 7,drove down the field, and put up a touchdown as Lanham tucked the ball, and put the ball over the goal line from 7 yards out. It was 7-0 with 1:16 left in the first quarter. Patuxent’s offense was set to take the field after the kickoff, but at the end of the play, the ball squirted away from Patuxent’s Chris Long, and was  jumped on by the Cavaliers, right in front of the Calvert bench. Calvert couldn’t do anything with it, as Patuxent forced a 3-and-out, and finally looked to have some momentum going. Unfortunately for them, any momentum was dashed when an errant pass from Jalen Gross bounced off of a wideout’s hands, and ended up in the arms of Calvert corner Jamal Mackall.

Calvert drove down the field, and eventually faced a 3rd and 6 from the Panther’s 26 yard line. Lanham took the snap, looked to his left, and threw to Levi Buck on a slant, whom split the safety and corner and took it to the house for a 14-0 lead with 6:49 left in the half.

Again, Patuxent’s special teams didn’t allow their offense a chance, as Calvert did a surprise onside kick, and recovered it standing up. Patuxent again forced the Cavaliers to punt, but didn’t have their offense on the field for long, as on their first offensive play, Gross and Long got mixed up on a handoff, and Calvert came out of the pile with the ball.

Calvert got a first down, but had to settle for a 30 yard field goal attempt, which missed wide left. Patuxent took over with 42 seconds left in the half, and again turned the football over. This time, Levi Buck ranged to his right, and picked a pass out of the air, and returned it down into the Panthers 20 yard line. Calvert ran a few plays, but had to settle for a field goal attempt. Again, they missed it, wide right this time.

Both teams went into half with a sense of urgency, Calvert trying to figure out how to keep the ball, Patuxent trying to figure out the Calvert defense. Calvert received the ball to start the half, and a mistake by Buck gave Calvert the ball at the 3 yard line. Patuxent forced them to a 3 and out, but roughed the punter on the punt, giving the Cavaliers a fresh set of downs. They drove down the field, slowly but surely, taking up the entire 3rd quarter. They finally punched in a score on the first play of the fourth quarter, to make the lead 21-0. Lanham ran his second score of the day in, this time from 4 yards away.

Patuxent took the kick, drove down the field, but stalled their drive on the Calvert 11. Calvert punted the ball to them, and with the offense ran backup quarterback Reese Crounse. Crounse completed a few passes, then let one rip to Tyler Gross in the end zone. Gross caught it, and put the Panther’s on the board 21-7.

Calvert recovered the onside kick attempt, but were forced to punt. On the punt return, several key blocks were thrown as Tyler Gross returned the ball 67 yards to the Calvert 30 yard line.

The Panthers looked to be in business with 3:02 left in the game. However, after a jump ball fell incomplete, the receiver and corner came up shoving each other, which then escalated into a melee on the Patuxent sideline between players on the field, and the Panthers’ sideline. After the officials sorted it out, it was a 15 yard penalty assessed on the Panthers. Patuxent did what they could, but couldn’t manage to get a first down. 

Patuxent forced Calvert to punt one last time, and set off on a small short-pass drive. However, they ended up 2 yards short from getting another score on the board.

Calvert High earned the 2015 Calvert County championship. The Cavaliers improved their season record to 5-1. They move on to play at La Plata. Patuxent falls to 5-1, and moves onto play McDonough.