Incoming Executive Chef, Robert Hesse who begins revolutionizing the way people in Southern Maryland understand a quality restaurant experience is set to provide a great Thanksgiving meal for those in need on Thursday.

From noon to 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving, the enigmatic master chef will be fixing up a great meal for anyone less fortunate. The Thanksgiving meal is sponsored by SMILE and Catamaran’s and is open to anyone. SMILE, based in Lusby is an ecumenical ministry dedicated to supporting the dignity of every person in need.

According to Catamaran’s owner, James Seymour said that the event annually feeds anywhere from 300 to 500 people and that they are in for a real treat because of Hesse’s extraordinary culinary skills.

When asked about the effort, Hesse stated that he is going to fix up the best Thanksgiving spread ever. “Anyone that stops by is welcome,” said Hesse.

For those that aren’t aware of Robert Hesse, he was on Hell’s Kitchen for two seasons and has now set his sights on Southern Maryland for his next culinary masterpiece.

“I believe in blue collar cooking – great food at a price people can afford,” said Hesse in a recent interview. Hesse went on to state that he is set to transform Catamaran’s into something special. When asked how he intended to do that, he said that “The first thing I do is to put myself in the place of a diner at the restaurant and fix the things that I don’t like.”

“Right now this restaurant has more of a reputation as a bar or a club, and that’s fine, but after the restaurant closes,” said Hesse. He plans to take advantage of the facility’s great views and spacious rooms to create a true dining experience. “People will be amazed at the new decorations – everything will be top notch all the way.”

Hesse also indicated that the food will be the best available any where with quality service to accompany the meals. “I want people to enjoy the experience from the minute they walk in to the time they leave; great food, great service and prices they can afford.”

Hesse is a firm believer in supporting local merchants and is focused. “The ‘Mom and Pops’ not only are good for the local economy, are where our country has its roots. They always should have the best products, and best service; especially over the chains and big boxes,” said Hesse.

The first opportunity anyone in Southern Maryland will have to experience Hesse’s culinary expertise, is on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. The on Dec. 5, the whole world will be able to taste what he cooks up.