[8:30 a.m.] Quarterly Employee Recognition Reception (Government Building Atrium)

[9 a.m.] Approval/Action Items (Commissioners’ Meeting Room) [9 a.m.] Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

[9:05 a.m.] Presentation: Employee of the Quarter, Years of Service Awards, and New Employee Recognition

[9:10 a.m.] Presentation: Life Safety Awards (Emergency Services) [9:15 a.m.] Presentation: Economic Development Week Proclamation

[9:15 a.m.] Approval of Minutes October 7, 2014 [9:15 a.m.] Commissioners’ Approval Items [9:25 a.m.] Briefing: LGIT Award (Joane Gulvas/Tim Ailsworth, Executive Director, LGIT)

[9:35 a.m.] Briefing: 2014 General Fund Statement Quarterly Review, September 2014 (David Eicholtz, Director, Fiscal and Administrative Services/ Jeni Ellin, Chief of Budget)

[9:45 a.m.] Briefing: Tourism Department Overview (Tim Morgan, Director of Tourism/Catherine Herbert, Tourism Marketing Coordinator/ Rachel Reynolds, Promotions Specialist)

[10:15 a.m.] Follow-Up Briefing: Closed Session Minutes (Barbara Holtz, County Attorney)

[10:25 a.m.] Briefing: SRA 14-22 and SRA 14-23 (Steven Ball, Planning Director, Planning and Growth Management)

[10:35 a.m.] Briefing and Signature Request: CSM Technology Infrastructure Project (College of Southern Maryland Representatives)

[11 a.m.] Legislative Hearing Follow-Up Work Session (Government Building Conference Room)

[11 a.m.] Legislative Work Session (County Commissioners and Charles County Legislative Delegation)

[12:30 p.m.] Closed Session (Legal) All or a portion of this session may be closed pursuant to Section 10-508(a)(1)(3)(7)(8) of the Annotated Code of Maryland. A portion of this session will also concern the administrative function of the County Commissioners in their executive role. 5. Briefing/Discussion

[2:45 p.m.] Briefing: Changes to Policy and Procedures Manual (Megan Donnick, Acting Director of Human Resources/ Ms. Nikki Bradburn, Recruitment Administrator, Human Resources)

[3 p.m.] Briefing: 2014 Summer Youth Employment Program (Eileen Minnick Director of Community Services/Ms. Norma Booze, Tri-County Council Youth Services Program Manager)

[3:10 p.m.] Briefing and Possible Introduction: Loitering Bill (Eileen Minnick, Director of Community Services/Mr. Jeffry Barnett, Chief of Transportation and Community Programs)

[3:25 p.m.] Follow-up Discussion: Disclosure of Closed Session Confidential Information (Barbara Holtz, County Attorney)

[3:45 p.m.] Break

[4 p.m.] Briefing: Emergency Preparedness (Dr. Dianna Abney, Charles County Health Officer/Bill Stephens, Director of Emergency Services)

[5 p.m.] Public Hearing: Deputy Sheriffs’ Salaries Legislation

[6 p.m.] MDOT CTP Tour