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LA PLATA, Md. – On Tuesday, June 28, Economic Development Department; Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism; County Administration; Department of Public Works; and Department of Planning and Growth Management staff provided the Board of County Commissioners with an update on Goal 1: Economic Development and Supportive Services of the Commissioners’ Goals and Objectives. Highlights include the Business Growth Advantage Program, Disparity Study, workforce development with local partners, major business attraction projects, business enhancements, Indian Head redevelopment, agriculture business development, tourism updates including product development and special events, broadband access, water and sewer infrastructure, transportation network, and VanGO transportation.

Open Session Briefings

  • Charles County Health Officer Dr. Dianna E. Abney and Department of Emergency Services Director Michelle Lilly provided an update on COVID-19 in Charles County, as well as an update on monkeypox.
    • There are a variety of vaccination clinics in the community, which include mobile pop-up clinics, schools, congregate living facilities, churches, and vaccines for the homebound. Residents can make their own vaccination appointments and walk-ins are accepted. For a list of county vaccination clinics and testing sites, visit the Department of Health’s website.
    • For a list of pharmacies and other vaccination clinics and testing sites available, visit the State of Maryland’s website.
    • Those who would like additional information about how long to isolate, quarantine, or take other steps to prevent spreading COVID-19 is encouraged to visit the CDC COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Calculator.
    • University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center Vice President of Ancillary Services Bill Grimes Bill Grimes provided an update on the hospital, including seven patients currently with COVID-19 at the hospital and continued supply issues and staffing issues, as many hospitals are experiencing throughout the country.
    • Charles County Public Schools Director of School Safety and Security Jason Stoddard provided an update on the schools’ summer COVID-19 contact tracing process, weekly screening program, and case statistics.
    • Chief of Media Services Jennifer Harris provided an update on the county’s communications efforts, which includes continuing to support the Department of Health’s outreach efforts.
  • Town of La Plata Mayor Jeannine James and County Commissioners discussed the letter of support for the Town of La Plata acquiring property from the State of Maryland on Box Elder Drive. County Commissioners will meet with county staff to discuss further and then follow up with the Town on next steps.
  • Department of Planning and Growth Management staff provided an update on solar farm projects in Charles County. This included an update to the approved solar project located on Ripley Road and the denied project proposed for Shugart Valley.

Approval Items

Commissioners also approved:


Deputy County Administrator Deborah Hall, Chief Information Officer Evelyn Jacobson, and Network Specialist III Matt Jacobson provided an update on the Rural Broadband Task Force. One significant highlight includes the fiscal 2022 Network Infrastructure Grant Program awards, which will address Category 1 and Category 2 areas in the county, including the Dentsville/Charlotte Hall area and North Nanjemoy area. The State of Maryland plans to release a grant program in late summer to provide funding for residents with long driveways, which are those in Category 3. The county has a program in process to identify Category 3 properties and the funding amount needed.

Follow-Up Work Sessions

County Commissioners and Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism staff held a follow-up work session on the Land Preservation, Parks, Recreation Plan. County Commissioners adopted Resolution 2022-(09) Adoption of the 2022 Land Preservation, Parks, and Recreation Plan for Charles County.

County Commissioners and Associate County Attorney Danielle Mitchell held a follow-up work session on 2022 Spring Local Legislative Proposals. County Commissioners provided follow up action to prepare proposals for potential future legislation.

Wednesday, June 29

Approval Items

County Commissioners approved Resolution 2022-(10) Permit Issuance for Adult Entertainment Establishments.

Joint Meeting

County Commissioners, in partnership with the Charles County Board of Education, held a joint meeting with local partners to Support Youth in Charles County. The discussion centered on identifying issues and needs and how to create a plan that will have a positive impact on the youth in the county. Other partnering agencies that joined this initial discussion included the Department of Health; Department of Social Services; Charles County Public Library; College of Southern Maryland; and Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism. Three work groups were established focused on how to work and support struggling parents; how to centralize information, support services, resources for use by agencies and partner organizations in the county; and how to offer opportunities for youth and at-risk youth. The work groups will create a plan to address these concerns and will bring their information to another joint meeting with the full group of partnering agencies in September.

Public Hearings

County Commissioners provided a public hearing on Bill 2022-(06) Adequate Public Facilities 2022 Manual Update to Traffic Section. County Commissioners left the record open for 30 days.

Town Hall Meeting

County Commissioners held a Town Hall Meeting in hybrid format. The purpose of town hall meetings is to discuss topics important the community.

Viewing option of meetings: Click Here

Next Commissioners Session: July 12 and 13, 2022

Citizens with special needs may contact the Maryland Relay Service at 711, or Relay Service TDD: 800-735-2258. 

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