CHARLOTTE HALL, Md. — Maryland Governor Larry Hogan[R] touted the announcement as “wonderful news for Maryland veterans.”

The Charlotte Hall Veterans Home(CHVH) announced that they recently received a specialized PPE sterilization unit, courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Health Department.

The custom-built chamber was designed by Southern Maryland entrepreneurs and manufacturers, who have seen heavy support from a St. Mary’s County think-tank. The TechPort is a business incubator that provides support to startups and developments typically in the field of unmanned and autonomous systems.

The incubator, operated under a contract with the state’s flagship university, states their intent has always been to help “diversify the local business environment of Southern Maryland.”

Earlier this year, a nonprofit called Southern Maryland Loves You (SoMDLovesYou) was formed to assist in the fight against the global pandemic. In their creation of the modular “Hot Box” unit, CHVH will now be able to heat and sterilize 24,000 masks per day, having a tremendous impact on the safe reutilization of PPE.

In addition to lowering costs, the ‘Hot Box’ will also have a positive environmental result by limiting the number of disposable masks being thrown away.

The project was originally designed and credited to: SOMD Loves You, Burch Oil Mart Propane, Triton Defense, TechPort, Dominic Fragman, Paul Murphy, Tabitha Dunn, Alec Dobbins, Matt Hayes, Alex Walker, Jelly Mehrkam, Jonathan Monroe & Andrew Gerbosi.

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