Hollywood, MD – If we’re all American citizens, why check a box that says what color we are?

If we’re Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Native American, etc., why does it need to be specified what color we are if we are all American citizens? There should be two boxes to check off in tests, polls and surveys. It should be American citizen or non-citizen.

Why should that be? It’s insulting to all nationalities who are American to have to answer that question. The only question that should be asked is your nationality. While political parties may want this kind of information for their campaigns, they should be more focused on getting everyone’s vote, not one type of people.

Even with scholarships, every single type of ethnicity is in need of this. It should not be whittled down. When a female can get a scholarship, because females are considered a minority, there are just as many males that could use it as well. Poverty and lack of education affects everyone.

Granted, a lot of things like this have an option to not answer the question, it’s still asked. Research purposes throughout certain communities can prove to be educational to an extent, it shouldn’t matter when you are applying for a job or college. When will our country become color blind… finally?

We’re all Americans. Everyone should have an equal and have a fair shot at what they want in life. The American dream is to work hard and earn what you fairly earn. We’re always going to have bigots on every side of the fence but starting small with things like this could change the idea of what makes our country work in a fair way.

What do you believe about being asked your color and sex when shopping online, applying for a job or going to college?