Endowed with a passion for preserving American values and protecting the individual liberties of Americans, Corey Gibson aspires to mend the political corrosion that has corrupted the integrity and well-being of the nation, by running for Washington State’s 4th Congressional District. In the face of elected individuals not living up to their duties, Gibson announced his candidacy, highlighting his goal to fight for the United States of America and everything that the country stands for. Gibson might not be seen as a conventional politician. He is experienced in the industries of entertainment and agriculture and has brought significant positive changes to both fields through his resourceful ideas, strategic collaborations and innovative marketing campaigns. The young political aspirant has clearly defined plans for his district. He aims to address issues like congressional term limits, unborn life protection, border security and energy independence.

The announcement of Corey Gibson’s candidacy was followed by Dan Newhouse’s vote to impeach President Donald Trump. He demanded that Newhouse retires from his post when his term ends following what the former considers to be the latter’s betrayal of the party. Gibson aims to rescue the Republican party from the hands of RINO (Republican In Name Only) politicians who compromise the beliefs and tenets of the party through their Democrat-like actions. He focuses on undoing the rift in the society created by ‘radical leftist ideologies.’  Some of the areas covered by Gibson’s legislative agenda are education, the government’s budgeting and spending, national security, freedom of speech, term limits, global climate change and racism.

Gibson’s entrepreneurial experience involved partnerships, alliances and healthy relationships with different organizations, nonprofits and national governments. He is creative and has impeccable innovative potential as indicated by his brainchild, Cause Marketing, which had a major impact on a global scale. He is a well-respected leader and has executed several projects like Friend a Gorilla in partnership with the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, the marketing campaign for Glee and the Glee Give a Note program that enabled many students from underserved communities to gain access to music education. The strategies to achieve his vision for the betterment of the nation are built on these experiences.

An important initiative as part of the ‘Send Cory 2022 Campaign’ is Gibson’s establishment of America First P.A.C.T. (Protecting America’s Constitutions and Traditions). P.A.C.T. is a coalition of first time congressional candidates including those who are political outsiders, hailing from different parts of the country. The members of this alliance will work together to bring important changes in policies to make the functioning of the country more efficient and true to itself. It has an America First agenda that aims at fulfilling the legislations that Americans had sought for many years. The visionary political outsider is determined to nurture and restore America to its original glory. Corey Gibson’s political vision is bound to become a game-changer in the history of the country.