Mechanicsville, MD — A sign posted at the Cape St. Mary’s boat launch in Mechanicsville warns boaters that the ramp will be closing permanently as of November.  

Many boaters expressed concern on social media, saying that public boat access is already limited in the area.

But when I spoke to St. Mary’s County Director of Recreation and Parks, Arthur Shepherd, he said he was hopeful that the situation could still be resolved and that despite the fact that the posted sign advises those with questions to call his department, Recreation and Parks did not post the sign.

The boat launch is on private property and the county has a 25-year-old easement agreement with the owner that expires on October 31.

St. Mary’s County is still negotiating with owner and hopes to come to an agreement before the end of October so that public boater access won’t be interrupted.

Shepherd was unable to comment further due to the ongoing negotiations.