Photo Courtesy of the St. Leonard Volunteer Fire Department

LUSBY, Md. – On Friday, Jan. 11 at approximately 5 p.m., fire and emergency medical services crews responded to the area of Chisholm Trail and Sedalia Trail, Lusby for the report of a fire.

Initial reports and scanner activity suggested that the fire involved a plane crashing into an RV. However as more details became available, it was revealed that the fire did not involve a plane.

Captain David Payne of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office told TheBayNet that the incident was the result of a RV rolling into the woods; running over a propane tank and triggering an explosion which caused the fire.

Jessica Ursiny, a Chesapeake Ranch Estates resident said that the explosion felt like an earthquake. “Out of the blue, I felt the whole house shake. When we got here [Lake Lariat], I saw a lot of emergency vehicles, I saw smoke and the first thing we thought was maybe there was a plane crash.” Ursiny later learned from a neighbor that the explosion was caused by an RV hitting a propane tank.

Fortunately, authorities say that the incident resulted in only a minor injury.