The Charles County Commissioners are pleased to announce that curbside collection of yard waste will resume on Thursday, April 2.
Yard waste includes grass, leaves, garden clippings, and brush. Place the material in trash cans with handles. Affix a yard waste sticker or mark a large “X” on the receptacle, and face it toward the street. Brown paper yard waste bags are also acceptable. They do not require yard waste stickers. The containers’ weight may not exceed 50 pounds.

Loose branches and brush, plastic bags, dirt, rocks, sod, and trash will not be accepted. Plastic bags are not acceptable. Branches must be in bundles that are a maximum of four feet long, with no individual branch more than six inches in diameter.
The green yard waste stickers are available free of charge at the following Waldorf locations: American Hardware, Bannister Neighborhood Center, Benjamin Stoddert Community Center, Charles County Sanitary Landfill, Charles Crossing Neighborhood Center, Dorchester Neighborhood Center, Hampshire Neighborhood Center, Home Depot, John Hanson Community Center, Kingsview Neighborhood Center, Lancaster Neighborhood Center, Longwood Nursery, Lowes, Mattawoman Community Center, Wakefield Neighborhood Center, William Wade Community Center.
Stickers are also available at Milton Somers Community Center in La Plata and Matthew Henson Community Center and Bryans Road Hardware in Bryans Road.

Residents may take their yard waste to the Composting Facility, located at the Landfill, or the recycling centers in Pisgah, Dentsville at Gilbert Run Park, and Cobb Island at Breeze Farm.
Weekly curbside collection of yard waste is only available to those who currently receive every-other week blue bin curbside recycling services.
For more information, call the Department of Public Facilities (301) 932-3599.