Prince Frederick, MD— On Dec.20, Maryland State Police Trooper N. Rucker responded to McDonald’s located at 515 Solomons Island North, in Prince Frederick for an assault in progress. 

When Rucker arrived on the scene, he made contact with James Brian Barnett, 19, of Prince Frederick. 

According to charging documents, “I (Rucker) asked Barnett what happened at the McDonald’s. Barnett advised nothing happened. I  then asked him why he threw food at a customer. Barnett then stated, he was working in the drive-thru window, and asked a woman to pull ahead and park because her food was going to be a few minutes.” 

“Barnett stated the car then pulled into the parking space and the male got out and came into the restaurant asking for the manager. The man went back outside because the manager wasn’t available. Barnett stated ‘I clocked out and went outside after him and took off my uniform. I yelled and got the man’s attention, and when he started to walk towards me, I reached into my pocket and took out my baton and swung it at him,’ ” according to charging documents. 

When Rucker made contact with the victim and asked what happened, the victim stated, ” we were at the drive thru and pulled up to the second window.” The victim said “the employee at the window seemed to have an attitude and kept slamming the window closed,” according to charging documents. 

Barnett has been charged with assault second-degree, dangerous weapon- conceal, dangerous weapon-intent to injure and reckless endangerment. At this time Barnett does not have a court date scheduled. 

Barnett faces a maximum jail sentence of 21 years and/or a maximum fine of $9,500. 

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