ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced that hunters harvested 31,571 deer during the two-week firearms season from Nov. 28 – Dec. 12. The harvest was 16% higher than last year’s official count of 27,121. Hunters enjoyed good weather compared to the 2019 season, which was hampered by rain, wind, and fog on key days.

“The two week firearm season remains one of our most popular deer seasons, and fortunately hunters enjoyed great hunting weather for most of it this year,” Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto said.

Hunters reported taking 11,623 antlered deer during the two-week season, up 13% from last year’s official total of 10,258. The antlerless harvest increased 18% from 16,863 last year to 19,948 this year. Sika deer represented 460 of the total antlered harvest and 556 of the total antlerless harvest.

More than 4,000 deer were taken on the two Sundays during the season, representing 13% of the total harvest. Deer hunting on Sunday is currently permitted on select Sundays in 20 of 23 counties.

Hunters in Region A — Allegany, Garrett, and western Washington counties — reported taking 2,530 antlered and 1,547 antlerless deer (up 16% and 40%, respectively). In the remainder of the state, hunters reported taking 9,093 antlered and 18,401 antlerless deer (up 13% and 17%, respectively)