Baltimore, MD – Passage of medical marijuana legislation in previous sessions of the Maryland General Assembly has heightened interest in medical marijuana among physicians and their patients.  MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, along with the Baltimore Jewish Council, will host an educational program, “The Future of Medical Marijuana in Maryland,” Thursday, April 14 at 6:30 p.m.  Raphael Mechoulam, Professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute for Drug Research and State Delegate Dan Morhaim will be in attendance. 

The April 14 program is open to physician members and the general public.  “We want to facilitate a better understanding of the laws, the role of the Commission and the physicians in recommending medical marijuana for patients,” stated Gene Ransom, MedChi CEO.  

MedChi has historically not taken a position on the legalization of medical marijuana but has voiced strong support for physician affiliation with a hospital or hospice program and a course of rigorous credentialing for physicians who want to participate in the program.  
For additional information on the April 14 program, please contact Catherine Johannesen at 410-539-0872 ext. 3308.

MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, is a non-profit membership association of Maryland physicians.  Formed in 1799, it is still the largest physician organization in Maryland today.  The mission of MedChi is to serve as Maryland’s foremost advocate and resource for physicians, their patients and the public health of Maryland.  For more information, please visit