Reincarnation and the concept of past lives has existed for thousands of years, spanning back to the ancient Celtic, Greek, Asian and Indian traditions. About 7% of the world’s population believes in this concept and not all of them are Buddhist (this is a cornerstone of that religion).

Over the years, people have claimed strange memories of past times or even feelings that they have been somewhere before, where in this lifetime, they have never traveled. Some even claim to be able to navigate foreign places with no prior knowledge and have been correct about every turn.

There are many explanations for Reincarnation including the cycle of life on earth, to further your spiritual being and to learn new lessons in each rebirth. Another explanation is that you lived a bad and sinful existence and your punishment is to come back as something lesser than a human such as an insect.

If there is no such thing as an afterlife or an eternal soul, how could an afterlife not exist?
Other accounts of possible reincarnation are pictures taken hundreds of years ago that look identical to people today. It could be coincidence, but there have been a staggering number of people that have discovered doppelgangers in old family photos or famous humans of the past. That is something that should be taken into account as well.

Unexplained fears or phobias are considered a sign of reincarnation. Some people may fear colors, objects, heights, drowning or certain places with no reason because they haven’t had any traumatic experience in this lifetime to explain why. Dreaming about something occurring before it actually does is another sign, also known as precognition. For example, there were an extreme amount of recorded accounts from people who dreamed about 9/11 before it happened.

Have you had any type of experience with the possibility of reincarnation? If so, please write about it in the comments below.


Part 3 of this series will culminate on TheBayNet crew doing a haunted tour to see if we can capture some evidence to support the reality of an afterlife on camera.

~ Babbling B