Solomons, MD – Although clearly an older and an arguably more groovy crowd than those who turned out last month to see Kane Brown, the second part of the Calvert Marine Museum’s summer concert series featuring Earth, Wind & Fire brought together all walks of life to create a “Boogie Wonderland” at the PNC Waterside Pavilion.

With high heats around 93 degrees and humidity so thick that it could be cut with a knife, the doors were opened and the show kicked off with Big Money Band from Annapolis, Maryland taking to the side stage. Front Man ‘BIG MONEY’ and the group played a variety of songs from the genres of classic rock to funky soul, emanating a number of similarities to the headlining group.

However, what would follow this musical opener would be something unique for a concert in Southern Maryland: a comedian to warm up the main stage crowd. Dave Temple, a comic born in Philadelphia and currently working full time in New York, took to the mic to crack jokes about everything from his financial struggles as a comedian to his bad experiences in the past with dolphins to jokes centered around Asian people in New York.

“Comedy for me was actually a weird dare,” Temple said in an interview with  “My friends and I, six of us were sitting in the basement playing video games, drinking, and trying to figure out what’s next in life… we were watching Family Guy and the Simpsons and figured that’s got to be a great job to sit in a room with your friends, crack jokes and get paid to do it. Somebody had the bright idea that most of those guys start off as stand-ups, so we said ‘let’s sign up for an open mic.’ Out of the six of us that were there, I was the only dummy who showed up… I was literally in line for open mic and I don’t know how to turn back, and that was 13 or 14 years ago.”

Although the Waterside Pavilion was one of the bigger audiences he has performed for, Temple has a strong track record for a stand-up on both a national and international level. In the past, he has done shows as far as Australia and Canada and as local as St. Mary’s College. He has been featured on Showtime at the Apollo and can most recently be found as featured on truTV’s “Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks.”

But the best was yet to come, as the 12-man ensemble would come out and bring the audience to their feet when the clock struck 8:30 pm. The ‘September’ and ‘Reasons’ singers played through an extraordinary and visually appealing 90-minute lineup, and topped it off with a crowd requested an encore. During the performance, the group made sure to commemorate the only three original members to remain in the group: Verdine White who is 67, Ralph Johnson who is 67, and Philip Bailey who is 68.

The wait won’t be long for the third part of the Calvert Marine Museum’s 2019 concert series, with Brett Eldredge stopping by on July 26 to give country music fans a second round this summer. Lastly, for the summer, Gavin DeGraw is set to be playing the pavilion on August 2, with the Spin Doctors just recently announced to be his opening act.

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