Gina Alma Holroyd

Leonardtown, MD — “Your record is atrocious and horrific,” Judge Michael Stamm told the Drayden woman in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court on Monday. That record finally caught with Gina Holroyd, 38, as she was sentenced to 15 years in the Maryland Department of Corrections.

Holroyd pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute narcotics. But two other distribution indictments were also before the judge in addition to a long criminal record and a violation of probation on previous convictions. The other charges were dropped with the plea.

Everyone who spoke at the sentencing hearing pointed out Holroyd’s long-term drug problem, which the judge said began when she was 13. Her attorney, public defender Kevin Hill said she was in treatment but had a relapse in November.
Holroyd’s mother told the judge that she felt her daughter would benefit from a long-term drug treatment program.

Holroyd told the judge, “I have put my mom, dad and kids through a lot. I think a program would help me.” She has five children and her mother said that her daughter had a hard life raising the children virtually on her own.

Holroyd was among the more than 40 persons arrested last summer in the sheriff’s department drug sweep called “Operation Undivided Attention.” She was charged at that time with distribution of oxycodone.

Judge Stamm did recommend the Patuxent Institution for Holroyd so that she can finally get that long-term drug treatment she requested. That penal institution is a secure facility but is noted for its rehabilitation programs.

The state was represented at the sentencing by Senior State’s Attorney Joseph Stanalonis.

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