lawrence eugene freeman

Lawrence Eugene Freeman

Huntingtown, MD – On 06/01/2016 at approximately 12:23hrs, Corporal J. Dean of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office was traveling south on MD 4 in Huntingtown when he observed a Blue Ford Windstar minivan bearing Maryland registration 9BR7186 driving in an aggressive manner. Corporal Dean observed the vehicle change lanes several times as it passed other traveling vehicles while rapidly accelerating after each lane change.

As the blue minivan approached the intersection of southbound MD 4 and Old Town Rd Corporal Dean observed the minivan move over into the left turn lane (which turns onto Cox Rd from MD 4) and accelerated past several vehicles which were traveling in the southbound MD 4 #1 lane. Once the minivan cleared past the vehicles traveling in the #1 lane the blue minivan changed lanes again from the left turn lane back into the #1 lane. The minivan did this while accelerating past the other motorists intentionally as to pass potential slower moving traffic. Corporal Dean activated the emergency equipment in his vehicle attempting to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle approximately 1/8 of a mile south of the MD 4 and Old Town Rd intersection. Upon seeing the emergency lights, the vehicle slowly began to pull to the right side of the roadway, however it never slowed or braked as if it were stopping.

Corporal Dean continued to change his vehicles siren pattern in the attempt to further notify the operator, however the vehicle continued to accelerate. Corporal Dean advised Calvert Communications of the vehicle not complying and relayed additional vehicle information and direction of travel to responding units. Corporal Dean observed through the rear view mirrors of the minivan that the black male operator often looked at him while actively pursuing his vehicle. The blue minivan accelerated to an excess of 95 mph while the pursuit traveled down the busy roadway.

Maryland State Police Trooper Matthews was operating his marked agency issued vehicle #U21 traveling south on MD 4 in the area of the Mexico restaurant as the fleeing minivan and Corporal Dean fastly approached his location. Trooper Matthews activate his vehicles emergency equipment as the minivan fastly approached from the rear while still traveling at a high rate of speed. The minivan made an abrupt lane change while attempting to drive around Trooper Matthews and his marked Maryland State Police unit even though the emergency equipment was fully activated. As the minivan attempted to go around the marked State unit the minivan lost control and swerved to the right and left as the operator attempted to regain control. The minivan went into a skid and crashed head-on into a guardrail on the right shoulder of MD 4 just south of the Walton Rd intersection. The minivan was traveling at such a high rate of speed that upon collision it pushed the guardrail back several feet which in turn collided into a wooden electric utility pole. The impact caused the wooden utility pole to snap off leaving the utility wires to hang. The minivans speed and velocity after colliding with the guardrail and utility pole caused the minivan to go into a roll as it traveled back across both southbound lanes of southbound MD 4. The minivan rolled side to side for 3 full rotations before coming to a rest in the grass median of MD 4 in the upright position. The operator, who was wearing his seatbelt, exited the vehicle and did not comply with the verbal orders provided by Trooper Matthews and Corporal Dean. As the operator began to walk away Trooper Matthews and Corporal Dean subdued the operator taking him to the ground where he was subsequently placed into custody. The operator, identified as Lawrence Eugene Freeman DOB: 05/04/1962 was checked on scene by Fire/EMS personnel and eventually transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital for further medical evaluation. Mr. Freeman was released from Calvert Memorial Hospital and transported to the Calvert County Detention Center where he was processed accordingly.

The State Highway Administration roadway crew arrived and assisted with traffic control while SMECO personnel attended to the damaged utility pole.

Mr. Freeman was charged for Fleeing and Eluding based on his intentional actions to pass a marked Maryland State Police unit with its emergency equipment activated after failing to stop for a Sheriff’s Office unmarked unit with its emergency equipment activated. Mr. Freeman was also charged for the numerous traffic infractions observed throughout the pursuit.

All events occurred in Calvert County, MD.

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