One of the most popular programs that the Greenwell Foundation has is the equestrian program. Greenwell offers not only private and group riding lessons, but also horse camps and one-time rides.

The premise of the Greenwell Foundation is promoting inclusion of those with disabilities and the horse camp is a prime example of that implementation.

“(There was) one young lady with autism whose mom wasn’t sure we’d be able to have her at horse camp,” said Executive Director Jolanda Campbell. “(Through) long discussions, super support from the camp director, support from the mom, all of the staff pulling together, we actually got her on the horse every single day of horse camp. When her face lights up; that just keeps you going.”

In order to make their programs available to as many people as possible they often offer scholarships to participants. There is a scholarship fund for therapeutic riding for those with disabilities who may have not been able to afford it otherwise.

More information on the equestrian program and all that is offered there can be found here.

Below are photos of one session of horse camp taken by Ron Bailey.