At 9:52 a.m., Station 2, EMS Station 29 and Medic 3 were alerted to the area of 35650 Woodyard Court in Budds Creek for the farm accident, reported subject with his hand caught in a corn picker. Ambulance 296 was the first arriving unit and they confirmed entrapment, thus advising it was both hands that were trapped.

 Photo by Mechanicsville VFD

Additionally, they requested a medevac for transport. Engine 24 arrived next as they were already on the air and had just cleared a landing site at the Budds Creek Motorcross. They relayed to Rescue Squad 2 to set up for extensive extrication. Fire Chief 2 (Johnson) arrived and established the “Woodyard Court Command.”

Rescue Squad 2 (Chief 2A) arrived, Chief 2A took the “Rescue Sector” and set up for a tedious operation. Chief 2A

The aftermath, the victim’s hands were trapped in the number one and number two rollersMechanicsville VFD Photo

surveyed the scene and advised the crew to set up all the air-operated tools for the operation. Chief 2A also conversed with the flight medic off of Trooper 7 and they concurred that the “Go Team” from R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center be started due to the severity of the injuries and the complexity of the extrication.

The squad and engine crews worked in unison with the air ratchet, air chisel, pry bars, and the Hurst Tool to free the victims’ hands. The victim was freed in just under an hour and placed on Trooper 7 where he was transported to Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore.

All personnel operating on the scene of this incident did an outstanding job.