Leonardtown, MD – No need to panic when alerts pop up all over TV and radio this week.

There will be a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System this Wednesday, August 7 conducted jointly by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Communications Commission. 

All radio and TV stations as well as cable and satellite providers will carry the alert. You will not be receiving alerts via your phone for this test via Wireless Emergency Alerts because this year’s test is designed to test emergency readiness if the Internet isn’t working.

The test should only last for about a minute. Both the audio message and text crawl should be accessible to people with disabilities.

Stephen Walker, Director of Emergency Services for St. Mary’s County said, “It is vital that the public knows about the National Emergency Alert System, how it’s used, and why it is important to all local residents. It is necessary to test the system on a regular basis, and each test gives us the opportunity to raise awareness about it.”

The Department of Emergency Services is not involved in the test but is helping to make residents aware of the test and the Emergency Alert System.