Firefighters arrived to find a vehicle fully engulfed. — The Bay Net photos by Sean Rice

At about 2:38 p.m. today, firefighters were dispatched to a vehicle fire at a residence off Hermanville Road.

A Bay District Volunteer Fire Chief was the first on the scene in his command vehicle. He found a passenger car fully engulfed in flames, and partially down a hill at the end of a driveway.

Apparently a passing St. Mary’s Sheriff’s deputy spotting the burning vehicle while driving by.

The chief did his best to battle the rising flames with canister extinguishers and a garden hose as he awaited other units to arrive. Other units have been battling brush fires nearly all day in the southern end of the county.

A Naval Air Station Fire Department truck was first on the scene, followed by Ridge Volunteer Fire trucks.

Responders quickly got the larger fire hoses going and knocked down the blaze in a few minutes, but the vehicle was a total loss.

An auxiliary fire sprung up in the brush behind the vehicle, which was quickly quelled.

As firefighters cleaned up the scene yet another call for a brush fire came over from dispatch, for the second time today on Cameron Court, Great Mills.