Salt Lake City, UT-Former Army Warrant Officer and Interrogator, Paul Holton and Operation Give is seeking to raise funds for the victims of the terrorist group ISIS. Operation Give was founded by Paul in 2003 when serving as an interrogator for the U.S. Army in Iraq. They are seeking to raise enough funds to send several shipping containers filled with hygiene kits, blankets as well as toys for the children.

The situation in the refugee camps is dire. Many of the victims had to flee with just the clothes on their back. With ISIS expanding its reach every day, the need is growing on a daily basis. Paul Holton, Chief Wiggles, makes this observation. “Having lived in Mosul, Iraq for one year on my last deployment and having spent much of my time working with the Christians, the Yazidis, and the Muslims living in the Ninevah Plains area of Iraq, I have a heightened interest in the tragedy occurring right before our eyes. With thousands brutally murdered, and many more forced to flee for their lives, one has to wonder, where is the outcry for the almost 2,000,000 people displaced by ISIS; many now living in the refugee camps in the Kurdish cities of Duhok and Sulaimaniya, without any of their personal possessions.”