Four Injured And One Flown Out After Serious Multi-Motor Vehicle Accident In Mechanicsville
Four Injured And One Flown Out After Serious Multi-Motor Vehicle Accident In Mechanicsville

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – Today at approximately 9:55 a.m., police, fire and rescue personnel responded to a serious motor vehicle accident with one trapped at the intersection of Loveville Road and Three Notch Road.

Crews arrived on the scene and found two box trucks, one FedEx the other was UPS and two SUV type vehicles involved with one subject trapped. Reporting a total of four subjects injured.

After assessing the scene, it was determined a driver of an SUV was trapped and wedged against a box truck. Units from Hollywood VFD Company 7 began stabilization the vehicle and worked on gaining access to the patient. Leonardtown VFD Rescue Squad 1 arrived on the scene assisting with extrication. It was determined the best access would be gained by moving the box truck creating enough working area. A side wall removal was conducted of the driver side in order to gain access to the patient. The patient was extracted from the vehicle at approximately 10:21 a.m.

Emergency personnel requested a MEDEVAC for the patient. The landing zone was established at Oakville Elementary School. MSP Trooper 6 arrived at approximately 10:30 a.m. and transported the patient to a trauma center for further evaluation. The three other patients were transported to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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All photos courtesy of the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department

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  1. Based on the pictures , we only get part of the facts ,photo journalism here is lacking …
    Yet based on the history of Fed Ex Drivers around here ,to sum up, Fed Ex drivers suck, are careless . speed and break the law all the time …Given that the front of the Fed Ex truck is destroyed I’m betting he is at fault unless one of the other vehicles blew into him ..I’m still betting on Fed Ex at fault ..

  2. Prayers with wings to all victims involved regardless of who was at fault, that is something that will be dealt with at another time, but for right now we should pray for all human lives because everyone is a human, and to era is human. I would be willing to bet that the people above that commented have driven over the stated road speed at least once in their lives and probably broke a law or 2!! So please remember that all of these people have families and that they will all be effected by this accident.

  3. In general people are driving to close to one another and it’s very true that FeEx drivers are morons

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