La Plata, MD — The Charles County Commissioners discussed new regulations for homeowners associations that may spring up from future developments at their Tuesday, Oct. 8 meeting.

Charles County attorney Barbara Holtz said the new regulations were proposed to help prevent future pitfalls current homeowners associations, which will not be affected by the proposed additions to county code, have experienced.

“We can’t go back and change what is already in place,” she stressed.

“The problems come after the developers leave,” Holtz said. “They find out there are storm water ponds they have to take care of, which can be pretty expensive. Often times the communities cannot collect adequate money to take care of what is needed. One aspect of the new regulations would help by requiring new homeowners associations to have a reserve; that over a certain period of time they save ‘X’ number of dollars and the homeowners then have the responsibility for the assets associated with the property. During the time the land was owned by the developer, nothing was collected. It would be a safety net for the homeowners association, rather than have them left without resources in place.”

“It would be helpful to have a structure in place,” said Charles County Commissioner President Candice Quinn Kelly.

The new regulations also requires all new homeowners association governing documents to be filed with the director of Planning and Growth Management for review and approval prior to finalization.

Holtz said she would have the new regulations ready for review Oct. 21 before they vote to approve the changes Oct. 28.

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