There are two things everyone knows about moving. One, it’s challenging, and two, it’s expensive. When it comes to a short-distance move like city-to-city, or just a few miles away, you get more opportunities to cut down costs. But when it comes to a long-distance move, that can be more difficult. Long-distance has more of a chance to take a toll on your belongings, and it must survive several days or even weeks. You will need a professional moving service, insurance, and so on. And even though it sounds impossible to cut down on costs and save during a long-distance move, it’s not. And that’s why we are here. To help share with you the best saving advice for a long-distance moving project, so let’s get started!

Scheduling your Move

Did you know there are certain times of the year where moving can be more expensive? Yes, it’s true. Summer happens to be the busiest season where people move, so prices tend to be higher. So, timing your move right can be an easy cost-reducing factor. But that’s not all. There are other ways of scheduling a move that can help save you money.

● Flexibility: If you are flexible with your moving dates and any other special requirements, you will spend less money.

● Peak Season: As we mentioned above, if you move midsummer, you can expect to be charged up to 25% more than moving during off-peak season. Try also to avoid holidays and the last weekends of a month. The best times to move are between September and May.

● Friends/Family: If you want to save money and use friends and family to help pack and load up a moving van, you should consider their free time. Try scheduling the move around their schedule.

All of these are an easy way to help reduce costs on your long-distance move. We understand this isn’t always an option to choose your moving date, but you should base it on the advice above if you can.

Pack Smart and Light

There are plenty of different ways that packing can save you money and even time. The packing process is one of the most critical parts of a move. You are transporting your entire life cross-country, and it’s most likely a lot of belongings. So, how and where can you save on this?

● Only take what you need: This is the perfect time to start going through your belongings and deciding what you’re keeping, what can be donated, and what goes into the trash. You don’t want to pack everything up you’ve ever owned, drag it long-distance and have something you don’t want in your new house. Plus, the more you pack, the more expensive it’ll end up being. So, try cutting down where you can.

● Cheap packing supplies: Use old boxes, find free ones, take advantage of any sales or promotions to get cheap packing supplies. This will end up being a significant expense with moving an entire house. So if you buy smartly,  you’ll save a lot. It’s always best to buy in bulk for supplies like packing tape, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, etc. You will need a lot of this stuff, and it ends up being cheaper when purchased in bulk.

● Optimize space: It’s time to let your packing skills shine! Strategic packing also helps save on materials and space, all of which is money when moving long-distance. The smaller the number of containers you have, the cheaper it will be.

​​It’s important to note that when packing fragile items, you should invest in quality packing materials. If you break anything valuable, you’ll lose more money than what you saved by buying cheaper packing supplies.

Travel Cheap

Since this is a long-distance move, you will be traveling. Whether that’s only a few days or several weeks, this is another area where you can save during your move. Start by researching all of the possible modes of travel to your final destination. Find which way is the most convenient and economical way to get to your new home.

The majority of people who move cross-country decide to fly. People believe it saves time, it’s easier, and can be cheaper than gas. But that’s not necessarily true. Tickets are pretty expensive, especially when you need to transport a lot of bags. This is why research is essential. Find tickets, get quotes, and see what route ends up being the smartest for you to take.

Booking a Moving Service

Waste no time and book a moving service as soon as possible. This tends to be the most expensive moving mistake people make. By booking this way in advance, you secure a company, a date, and an overall better deal. Last-minute bookings can cause a higher price and lower availability.

When looking for a moving company, you need to get in-home estimates. These allow you to see the most accurate price point it’ll be for your long-distance move. It’s always recommended to get at least three different estimates. This allows you the option of choosing your favorite moving company that also offers the best price. Research companies and find a useful resource to base your decision on to make sure you aren’t getting scammed.

Since this is a long-distance move, it’s highly recommended you use a professional moving company. Moving long-distance is exceptionally challenging. Leaving it to the professionals helps ensure the safety of your items. It also has guaranteed insurance, so if anything happens to your things, it’s backed up.

Start Saving!

You now have all of the best advice to help save you money during your long-distance moving project. Take a deep breath and get ready because a long-distance move is a complex and expensive task, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you’re at your new destination in your new home. And hopefully with a little more extra cash than you expected, thanks to our tips! Good luck and happy savings!