Lawrence Edward Keister (Age 48) is an inmate in the St. Mary’s County Detention Center.

He was court ordered to be released to attend a doctor’s appointment in Leonardtown and detectives had received information he would be receiving “Suboxone” to smuggle back into the jail.

Suspect Keister met with a female, obtained the “Suboxone” which was inside of a balloon and swallowed it. Detectives immediately approached the suspect and confirmed he had ingested the controlled substance.

A medical review confirmed the balloon inside his stomach and it was recovered. It was found to be “Suboxone” and he was charged with “Possession with Intent to Distribute” and “Possession of Contraband with the intent to Deliver inside a Correctional Facility”.

Detectives worked closely with Sheriff’s Office Correctional Staff throughout this investigation. The female and other inmate were identified during the investigation and charges are pending against both after a review with State’s Attorney Richard D. Fritz.