Great Mills, MD—One of the most loved and unique landmarks of St. Mary’s County is none other than SpongeBob himself! The mascot for Dyson Building Center off Point Lookout Road has been a staple in this county since shortly after the TV show’s first airing back in 1999. SpongeBob has gone through quite the transformation over nearly two decades, from countless holiday costumes to being totally rebuilt.

The Dyson Building Center SpongeBob has seen this county flourish and grow substantially over the years. Despite the increase in shopping centers, restaurants, and attractions, SpongeBob will always be a local favorite. He’s even considered an official landmark on Google Maps! St. Mary’s County is a community and family oriented place to live, with a small-town feel even with the rising population. Tri-County residents alike recognize this charming SpongeBob decoration, and many look forward to seeing what costume he’ll be wearing as the holidays start.

Over the last few Halloween seasons, SpongeBob was dressed as Frankenstein, Dracula, a pirate and just last year–Batman! This year, SpongeBob is decked out in blue overalls, a red shirt and hat, and a mustache to be everyone’s favorite video game plumber and protagonist, Mario! The folks at Dyson Building Center even created a green tunnel, a Piranha Plant, and a Super Mushroom (other features from the Nintendo series) to join our Mario SpongeBob in celebrating the holiday.

Creativity runs in the Dyson family business, with fourth generation family members working in the store today. Dyson Building Center is one of the oldest running hardware stores in Southern Maryland that is owned and operated by family. Stop on by to take your picture with SpongeBob, and be sure to swing in the store to see all of the great products and services they offer. Supporting local businesses and creative minds is an excellent way to give back to the community.