Terance Albert Tracy AKA of Terance Albert Falter Jury Convicts First Amendment Auditor Of Criminal Trespass At The Calvert County Health Department
Terance Albert Tracy AKA of Terance Albert Falter

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – On November 15, 2023, Terance Albert Tracy, 31, of Annapolis, was convicted by a Calvert County jury of criminal trespass on the premises of the County Health Department. 

Earlier this year, Tracy, a self-styled “First Amendment Auditor,” entered the lobby area of the building during business hours and began filming people as they came and went. 

Based upon patient privacy concerns, the County Health Officer asked Tracy to stop filming and leave.  When Tracy refused to do so, he was arrested by deputies from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office. 

Sentencing is scheduled for December 15, 2023, before the Honorable Mark S. Chandlee.  The case was prosecuted by Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Kyle Tores. 

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  1. It’s Taco Terry! How many times does he have to get arrested before mom takes away his livestreaming setup?

  2. It’s about time. Get the annoying little jerk out of our hair. Send him back to live in Mom and Dad’s basement in a Lazy-Boy recliner watching reruns of Star Trek.

    1. has it made the press, yet, that there were ghost busses on Jan. 6th? Has it made the press yet that what happened on Jan. 6th was permitted, that is, they got a permit. With a permit its difficult to believe everyone who should’ve known didn’t know what was going on, that it was a surprise.

      1. 1. In 21st-century English, buses is the preferred plural of the noun bus. Busses appears occasionally, and dictionaries list it as a secondary spelling, but it’s been out of favor for over a century. This is true in all main varieties of English.
        2. No.

  3. maybe the health department will chill out before the sentence and give him some leniency. An arrest might be enough of a learning lesson.

    1. IMO they shouldn’t “chill out”. He had the opportunity to leave when asked. He chose poorly. Letting him off will only embolden him to do it more. Minimum of 150 hours of picking up trash…

    2. F that!!!! These trolls have nothing else better to do than being a public nuisance! Give him a life sentence!

  4. That audit worked and justice did its’ job ..
    He did not know the law as good as he thought he did .

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