Thursday, July 21, Marvin Anani (human) and Dr. Angelica Spotson (a Russell Terrier mix known as “Angel” who is an expert bed bug sniffer) gave Calvert Library the all-clear after a thorough search. 

According to Superior Bed Bug Solutions company website, Angel was “trained using scent vials that developed her abilities to pinpoint live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. 

She trained alongside police, arson and bomb squad dogs to distinguish between odors and track the scent of bedbugs to their source. 

Anani and Dr. Spotson are annually certified by the Integrated Bed Bug Management Association as a bed bug detection team.”  Angel has been doing detection for about two years.  According to SBBS, dogs are about 95 percent accurate in assessing a building for bed bugs.

Wednesday, July 20, four bed bugs were found on a book in the book drop at Calvert Library Prince Frederick.  The book drop was closed and all items in the book drop were immediately quarantined.  This quick action on the part of library staff prevented any spread of the pest. 

According to Calvert Library Board of Trustees President Martha Grahame, “We have a vigilant, well-trained staff of very smart people who know how to react quickly to almost any situation. We are proud of the work they do and pleased to have ended this event on a happy note.”  For more information, call Robyn Truslow at 410-535-0291.